Every Samsung Phone Ever! | Digital City Tour | TSW149

This week Uncle Spurt toured the Samsung Digital City and Smart City in South Korea, where they manufacture the Galaxy S23 Ultra and other S23 phones. They also have an amazing Innovation Museum at each, where you can geek out over classic Samsung smartphones, flip phones and other mobile devices. Even pagers. Remember them. No TikTok on those, kiddies.

Nostalgia was strong, from early Samsung smarties like the Galaxy S (through to the S23 Ultra), Mega, K Zoom and more. You also have all the classic feature phones, including sliders, flips, weird twisty things. Even a Watch Phone! Overall there’s 2200 blowers at the Smart City museum, making it well worth a visit for smartphone lovers.

On top of that, Uncle Spurt checked out the new Galaxy Enhance-X app, which can edit photos using AI smarts. This works impressively well for HDR shenanigans, reflection removal etc. Mini review of the Galaxy Enhance-X is live on Shorts now and you’ll be able to download for your Galaxy S23 phone from the Samsung Galaxy Store.

Thanks again to Samsung for the #PRTrip, stay tuned for my Galaxy A54 and A34 reviews which should hopefully be coming soon!

Tech Spurt Weekly Ep149 Chapters:
0:00 – Seoul good to see you
1:23 – Samsung Smart City & Digital City
3:51 – Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X App
4:08 – Viewer comments
11:38 – Next week

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