Every Samsung Phone Ever Made! #Shorts #samsung

Checking out every Samsung phone made, from the feature phones to the Galaxy S23 Ultra – at the Samsung Smart City museum in Gumi, South Korea

Ask What’s Wrong With PC: Know The PC You Are Going To Buy

When we buy a Personal Computer, we don’t only consider the performance and the quality. One factor we really consider is our budget. When our budget is good, we can start window shopping or researching for a brand new one, but if not, we look at the surplus.

Steps to Fix Rundll32

Before we go to fix rundll32 message, it is best to know what it is and what it does to a computer. A rundll32 is an executable file that allows your dll files to run and set things straight with your computer. Without rundll32 your computer will have poor performance. The rundll32 should be found in your computer’s drive “C” and under the folder “Windows” and will appear as “System 32”. If it appears anywhere else but here then be forewarned that it might be a virus such as Trojan horse virus.

Slow Computer Start Up: An Inevitable Problem But Has A Solution

When was the last time your computer booted very fast? It was when you bought it new; it only took seconds for it to start up. However, as you use your computer overtime, you are now experiencing a slow computer start up that even take several minutes, that several minutes sometimes annoy us, especially if we need to use our computer very urgent. In addition, most slow computer start up can lead to a sluggish computer.

How to Fix Run DLL Error

Of the numerous errors that you encounter in your Windows PC, the most common and one that you frequently encounter is a DLL error. Before you fix a run DLL problem, it is important to know what this component is in your computer. A DLL is a compilation of information connected to the Windows registry. Every time a program executes a task, it uses the codes stored in these exe files for an efficient and fast execution of the task. Most of these codes are shared by several applications in the computer.

Utilizing Software Programs to Speed Up My Computer

Computer users will be able to notice how their computers slow down dramatically over time. More often than not, it is a considerable decline in the speed of performing tasks. The clutter in the registry is normally the primary cause of this problem, and rectifying or avoiding this can be very easy.

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