Forget Samsung’s Z Fold 4! | Honor Magic Vs Unboxing & 3 Day Review

Unboxing the Honor Magic Vs foldable phone, with a 3 day review of the camera tech, gaming performance and more. The Honor Magic Vs is one of the best folding smartphones of 2022, beating Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 in a few ways including the excellent battery life.

Everything is smooth thanks to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1. Multi-tasking on that mighty internal screen works well, while gamers will enjoy a slick Genshin Impact experience. And the 5000mAh battery packed inside the Honor Magic Vs is bigger than the Samsung Z Fold’s cell, offering all day play.

The 54MP Sony camera sensor does a decent job across a range of conditions, with telephoto and ultra-wide options also on board. While it’s not the best camera setup of any 2022 smartphone, the Honor Magic Vs still impresses.

I had a few issues with this foldable phone over the past few days, including no apparent support for 5G and a lack of an apps tray. But these grumbles aside, the Honor Magic Vs has been a fun full-time smartphone. So what do you think, is this one the greatest folding mobiles of the year? Check out my Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 review for more on its biggest rival!

Honor Magic Vs Unboxing Chapters:
0:00 – Bendy
0:37 – What’s in the box?
1:00 – Design
3:03 – Displays
5:01 – Multi-tasking
5:31 – Creaseless?
6:14 – Audio
7:10 – Magic OS & features
8:27 – Performance & gaming
9:40 – Battery life
10:22 – Cameras
13:03 – Verdict

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