Forget the Pixel Watch! | Ticwatch Pro 5 Review

Reviewing Mobvoi’s Ticwatch Pro 5, the best Wear OS smartwatch for battery life and my favourite new wearable of 2023. I’ve been testing the Ticwatch Pro 5 for a fortnight now and here’s my verdict on the Snapdragon W5 Plus Gen 1 performance, fitness tracking and more. Seriously, it’s better than the Pixel Watch, and lasts longer than the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

Personally I’ve been getting around 4-5 days of full use from a single charge of the Ticwatch Pro 5, which is days ahead of Wear OS rivals. Google’s UI has been slick as anything thanks to the Snapdragon performance and you’ve got all of the features, plus Play Store support. So you can download fresh apps onto this watch, whenever you like.

Mobvoi’s face selection is decent, while the Ticwatch Pro 5’s OLED screen is bright, poppy and crispy. On top of that you have a low-powered LED panel which can tell you the time and basic stats any time of day, without draining the battery.

If you’re into health tracking, there’s a respectable setup here and you can download Strava, Fiit and other apps if you prefer. However, true fitness enthusiasts will be better off with a Garmin or something more dedicated to the art.

For consumers, I recommend the excellent user experience of the Ticwatch Pro 5. It’s my favourite smartwatch of 2023 so far, for sure!

Ticwatch Pro 5 Review Chapters:
0:00 – Waffle
0:32 – Design
2:25 – Mobvoi Health app
3:48 – Displays
5:34 – Watch faces
6:07 – Wear OS UI
8:59 – Apps
10:31 – Fitness tracking
13:19 – Sleep tracking
13:37 – Performance
14:10 – Battery life
15:59 – Verdict

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