Fun Phones Are Back! | Motorola Rollable “RIZR” | TSW145

The Motorola Moto Rollable “RIZR” phone was launched at MWC 2023, and while this concept device won’t be released in the UK (or anywhere), it was one of the most fun smartphones shown off in Barcelona. The Motorola Rollable features a folding pOLED screen that can unfurl on demand to expand when needed. This RIZR is a bit more complex than those Moto sliding phones of yesteryear, here’s hoping we get a rolling smartphone for real to review.

The Motorola Rollable wasn’t the only fun blower launched at MWC 2023. The OnePlus 11 Concept was also yanked out on stage, showing off a possible active cooling strategy for high-performance phones of the future. And OnePlus also announced a foldable, possibly a rebranded Find N2 for UK consumption.

So what do you think of the Motorola Moto RIZR reboot, and that OnePlus 11 Concept? Let us know below and we’ll try and reply to as many of those lovely comments as possible next week!

Tech Spurt Weekly Ep145 Chapters:
0:00 – Guess who’s back
1:06 – Motorola Moto RIZR Foldable
3:06 – OnePlus 11 Concept
5:02 – Viewer Comments
11:28 – Next week

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