Galaxy Buds2 Pro vs $23 Best Sellers on Amazon

OnePlus 10T Pre-Order ?
Galaxy Buds2 Pro
So the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro have been getting a lot of excitement and are an early contender for perhaps the best earbuds of 2022, but what if I told you that a pair of earbuds selling at one tenth the cost not only has some better specs, but is outselling the Galaxy Buds on Amazon.
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The Tozo T10 earbuds are currently the best selling earbuds on Amazon (non airpods), with over 310,000 review and an astonishingly low price of $25 despite the latest specs like Bluetooth 5.3, wireless charging, IPX8 water resistance, and more

IPX8 vs Galaxy Buds IPX7
Waterproof case on TOZO as well
6/30 hr battery life vs Galaxy Buds 5.5/18

Both have touch controls
Both have wireless charging
Comes with 5 pairs of earbud tips vs Galaxy Buds with 3


ONEPLUS INTEGRATION (approx 4.5 minute mark, lasts ~90 sec)
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So if you’re new to my channel, please do subscribe, but for those of you who have been following, you’ll know I am a big fan of high value products. Products that deliver top of the line specs and at a reasonable price. That is why these TOZO earbuds are so interesting to me, and if you’ve followed my channel for a while, you will also know that is why I was so excited about the OnePlus 10T which was announced back in early August. The phone has an unimaginably fast 150W charging that brings you from 0 to 100% in 19 minutes, it has a 120Hz 10 bit color display, it comes with a fast charger in the box, it comes with a preinstalled screen protector, and does all this for less than the price of the lowest iPhone model this year. The display is bright and vibrant with great color and detail that you can see in any environment. This runs on Android with OnePlus’s OxygenOS 13 on top, including their aquamorphic design and all the new features associated with that. On top of all that, the OnePlus 10T is now coming to north america! Pre orders are going on now, and I will have a link in the top of the description for their pre order which lasts until September 28th. After that, I’ll just put the regular order link there. Of course, if you want to learn more about this phone, you can also check out my full review of the OnePlus 10T with its lightning fast in screen fingerprint sensor and textured glass back. Really just a cool phone and at a compelling price. (note: integration script read may vary slightly)

Galaxy Buds2 Pro sound

TOZO T10 sound


Outdoor mic comparison

Galaxy Buds2 Pro come with an app, but it only works for android
Easily switch between Galaxy devices – like Galaxy Watch
360 audio with head tracking – just works ok. Not something I ever use
Voice Detect
Control if single/double/triple tap is enabled, and choose for hold
Bixby wake up
Read notifications aloud (in general or by app)
Use ambient sound during calls or not
In ear detection for calls
Gaming mode
Double tap earbud edge
SmartThings Find

TOZO Features:


0:00 Amazon’s best sellers
1:30 Specs compared
2:30 Design
3:30 Why even compare?
4:10 Sponsored segment
5:38 Sound quality
6:50 ANC
7:10 Mic test (VERY SURPRISING!!)
8:20 Features

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