GALAXY S23+ (Problems & Best Features After Several Weeks)

Magsafe S23+ Case ????
Samsung Galaxy S23+ ????
It has been two weeks since Samsung shipped the S23+ and one month since I first held one in my hands. It is time to talk about the nuances, best cases, hidden features, and hidden flaws.

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I like the boxy edges, but it does make the phone feel a bit larger
The corners may feel a bit aggressive until you get used to it
Improved over last year, with matching floating cameras for a cohesive flagship lineup

Some may say the minimal style is boring. I like it

I like the matte back. Less slippery

Gorilla Glass Victus 2 and Armor Aluminum


6.6” super AMOLED
120Hz works really well

FHD+, but looks great

I was coming from the Pixel 7 pro, so the ultrasonic FP sensor is always great
Feels larger and moves around during setup
Fastest, most accurate, and most secure


I always kind of liked curved displays, but this flat display is great because you can get a cheap tempered glass screen protector and it will never scratch

Starting at 256GB is nice. I migrated all my files and photos over when I set it up

Very fast performance

Overall a very familiar device, which is good. Subtle welcomed changes, while keeping the things that worked

Fastest android chip on the market
Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Samsung
Stepping away from Exynos

A very familiar setup – not much new here
Now a 12MP selfie lens with autofocus
50MP Wide – Samsung claims to have improved the dynamic range by 4x
12MP Ultrawide
Unfortunately the ultrawide focus is fixed, so no macro mode
3x Optical
Up to 30x max digital zoom

Upgraded 12MP selfie lens – 4k60 capabilities
Excited to try out the night selfie portrait

8K30 video without much crop


Full battery at 9:20AM, 10min screen time

Magsafe case from Peak Design
Reduce animations? Sometimes things feel slower
Change the wallpaper with each mode (work mode, etc)
Unlike the Pixel, I don’t enable the FaceID on samsung phones – it just isn’t necessary
Switch to Google Messages to chat with other android users and receive iPhone reactions without annoying texts. Instead…
When you set up the phone, decline any apps you don’t need. This phone comes with some cluttering software

I can make a video about the top hidden features like object eraser, etc.

Less camera hardware than ultra
No s-pen
Lower resolution display

If you like bigger phones, but not massive ultra phones, this is great.

They held their price constant over the past three years despite inflation, but competition has caught up. The pixel 7 pro has a better camera in my opinion and other advantages while costing $250 less. It’s a tough space, but if you like Samsung, this is a compelling buy.

If you buy it, I am confident you will like it. Personally, I will be sticking with my Pixel 7 Pro

Probably not worth upgrading from the S22+ or the Pixel 7 Pro

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