GALAXY WATCH 5 PRO (Problems and Best Features after 1 Month of Daily Use)

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro ?
Galaxy Watch 5 ?
The new Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro are two great watches for android users, but which is actually the best? After using these for one month, I found some drawbacks to be aware of as well as some pleasant surprises.

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So I love the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and I have been wearing it since it came out about a month ago, but there is one huge flaw that was not really mentioned when it came out. This is a flaw that almost chased me back to Garmin watches. I can’t believe Samsung let this happen, but we’ll get into that in a minute.

Raised edge makes the touch bezel easier to use
I personally really like the look and design of this

GPS is super accurate when it works, but sometimes it does not work
I had location enabled
I did not auto start, This was manually started
This was in a region that GPS worked well before

Strava link is garbage. I run 4 miles and it tells Strava I ran 3.4 – why?
I think it is because sometimes GPS signal is not found until you already ran for almost one mile – see August 29th run

Large bezel is unacceptable honestly
Better on the Pro

Pro needs more buttons, or things that actually move (like a crown or bezel)

Compass watch face has issues

Thickness specs are misleading – the thickness is not 10.55mm, actually 15mm
The regular watch is 9.5mm claimed, 13mm actually
Shoutout to DCrainmaker for these measurements

Very tactile buttons
I still love the pro strap
Very accurate HR
Pretty accurate GPS, but some meandering occasionally. Usually within 0.1 miles per 4 mile run
Great battery!
I love the in depth running analytics which tell me all about my running symmetry as well as how to improve (e.g. leg spring stiffness)

I recommend the regular watch 5

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