GALAXY WATCH 5 PRO vs 4 CLASSIC (Did Samsung Downgrade?)

Samsung’s newest flagship smartwatch has one critical setback; it lacks a rotating bezel. With a higher price tag and the same processor, does the battery life and durability justify the upgrade?

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The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is Samsung’s new flagship smartwatch, but unlike last year’s flagship, the watch 4 classic, this does not have a rotating bezel. In fact, there are a few things Samsung removed that may lead you to wonder if the 5 Pro is worthy of an upgrade. With the same processor, same display size, and

Improved scratch resistance
Sunken in display for added protection
Flatter back for a better fit while working out
Stainless steel vs Titanium casing
Downgrade in appearance, no tick marks
1.4” vs 1.36” display
One size vs two (45mm vs 42mm and 46mm)
Oh, and did I mention the lack of the rotating bezel??

Improved sensor architecture
Temperature sensor
Sleep coaching
Same bioimpedance, ECG, HR, GPS, and large suite of health tracking capabilities

Substantially longer battery life, but both rated 110 min charge time
Same processor, RAM, and storage
Bluetooth 5.2 instead of 5.0

New watch faces, route tracking with GPX files, trackback,


$450 Vs $350 and $380 – now $50 off, so $300 an $330

Why I think they removed the rotating bezel
The sale of the GW4 were eating into the GW4 Classic
The bezel was probably expensive to make
Space for battery

More durable materials and a longer battery, but no rotating bezel or smaller size. Realistically, I love the Watch 5 Pro, but it should really be called the Watch 4 Rugged

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