GALAXY WATCH 5 vs WATCH 5 PRO [Worth $170 Extra??]

Samsung’s Watch 5 Pro is nearly identical to the Watch 5, but with a few major differences. The question becomes, are these differences worth $170?

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40 and 44mm vs only 45mm
5 has graphite and silver in both sizes, plus gold in 40mm and sapphire in 44mm
5 pro only has black and grey
Chunkier Pro model but sportier as well
Hides bezel slightly better, but still not well
Neither have rotating bezel, but GW5 Pro has better finger reference for digital bezel

Protected bezel seriously goes a long way. I already damaged my GW5 and my GWA2
Titanium vs Aluminum body
Both have sapphire crystal display but Pro is more durable – 29GPa vs 24GPa
Display sizes are identical for 44mm and 45mm watches
Battery life is nearly double in my experience
25% in a 4 mile run with music on the Watch 4

Same RAM, storage, processor, health sensors, UI,

Software differences? These feel like updates inbound
Track Back
Route loading (can do with Komoot anyway)

$450+ vs $280/$310+

Get Galaxy Watch 5 if you want smaller watch, more subtle design, want to save money
Get Galaxy Watch 5 Pro if you want longer battery life and more durability but money is no object. The GPX route imports are nice too, but there are apps that can do that on the non-pro model. Alternatively, the Galaxy Watch 4 may be a great option for many as it has the same chip inside and nearly identical specs across the board but includes a physical rotating bezel

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