GALAXY WATCH 6 vs GALAXY WATCH 6 CLASSIC [Samsung’s Subtle Changes]

Galaxy Watch 6 & Classic (latest price) ????
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Why is the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic $100 more than the Watch6? There are a few differences but it is mostly the same watch. Let me explain.

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Slimmer bezel on 6

Larger display, larger body – 43/47mm vs 42/46
1.47/1.31” vs 1.36/1.20”

Comes with one press snaps

Upgraded sapphire crystal display for better durability

Heavier – 59g vs 52g

2 colors each

WearOS4 vs WearOS3 (at launch)
Newer, therefore more updates to come
WhatsApp and others work on here now
More apps coming, like Gmail and Audible
No longer need to reset watch to switch phones

435mAh battery vs 361mAh battery
Faster wireless charging
USB-C charger in box
2GM RAM vs 1.5GB
Bluetooth 5.3 instead of 5.0

Same bio sensors as the watch5, but improved vs the 4

Ultraviolet LEDs for sleep

Temperature sensor on 6
Cycle tracking

Improved sleep tracking with sleep profile animal and sleep coaching

6 has irregular hr notifications
Personalized HR zones

About half price – I saw $200 at BestBuy for the larger one
$429 for larger one new

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