Galaxy Watch6 Classic by Samsung || 2023’s New Top Smartwatch?

Galaxy Watch6 Classic (latest sale) ????
This Samsung Smartwatch may very well be the best Android smartwatch of the year. Why is that? Let me show you.
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30% smaller bezel with larger displays and a bunch of new features.
Two sizes: 43mm and 47mm (extra 3mm is for bezel)
Larger display now! 1.5” and 1.3”
Now 10.9mm thick
Sapphire Crystal
AMOLED 480×480 or 432×432 display which is about 14% more pixels vs last year
IP68 + 5ATM

One click bands!
Actually a bunch of new bands including the feather band and
It looks to me like they are backwards compatible – simple pin design

WearOS 4 with OneUI 5 Watch
Will no longer reset when you switch phones

Personalized HR zones
More auto tracked workouts
As soon as you enter flex mode on the Flip, you get a camera controller notification on the watch
SmartThings Find helps you locate your phone even when disconnected
Samsung Pay now brings the complete wallet including transit cards, etc
Cycle tracking using the temp sensor

Health sensors
Temperature sensor, body composition, HR, SPO2, ecg, blood pressure (sort of)

HR LEDs switch to infrared when you are sleeping so you don’t wake up (vs bright green) – but why include both? Why not switch over entirely to infrared? I didn’t get an answer from Samsung but they all assured me it did not affect accuracy at all

2GB RAM now instead of 1.5
Still 16GB storage
Bluetooth 5.3
Exynos 930 vs last year’s 920 (was 1.18GHz, now 1.4GHz) so maybe similar chip, just clocked higher, or maybe with other modifications
I would expect it to be about 10% faster

425mAh & 300mAh batteries, was 410 and 284 last year, so perhaps a 4-5% boost

I would like to see a dimmer AOD, and I want to see better Google Assistant integration. I look forward to testing!
Pricing is $399 for 43mm and $429 for 47mm. A whopping $100 more for basically the same watch, but a more premium build. I will do a direct comparison once I have both in hand.
Launching August 11th

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