Galaxy Z Flip5 First Impressions!

Z-Flip5 (promo price) ????
Samsung’s newest foldable offers a way better hinge and cover display while keeping the $999 price tag, but no DEX??
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This version is all about the cover display, or flex window as Samsung is calling it

Now 3.4 inches
Gorilla Glass 2 Victus and armor aluminum
More than a dozen new widgets
Full keyboard
Bigger window for selfies
WhatsApp, Google Maps, etc via apps widget in Labs
Similar navigation to Galaxy Watch
Notched instead if dual punched

Boxier design
FlexHinge folds flat
Fewer moving parts in the hinge for better durability
Snapdragon Gen 2 Samsung version

FP sensor on side
Dual camera
10MP selfie
12MP main
12MP ultrawide
Cool folding use cases – specifically for tripod or video calls

Thoughts on the larger display
I could see this being useful for a desk AOD or propped up like a tent with spotify or something?
The larger display will be nice for weather, calendar, and other information at a glance
The original benefit was that I would not get distracted. I still think that’s mostly true, but less true
The actual real benefit is that it looks cool

Upgraded to USB 3.2 for video output, but still no DEX!
The biggest competition for this will be the Razr

Bigger screen
More apps available

Graphite, cream, lavender, mint
256/512GB options

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