Galaxy ZFold 5 – Almost Perfect!

Samsung Galaxy Z-fold 5 (latest sale) ????
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No gap in the fold!
Boxier design
Slim S-Pen!


40% thinner
Fits in case with pop out tab
Minimal flex
Backwards compatible (i.e. larger s-pen works)
Cool S-pen colors!
Same digitizer as before

1,750 nits (brightest yet)
7.6” 120Hz AMOLED 2x display to match the cover
Icy blue, phantom black, cream

0.53” thick when folded, thinner than old one in the folded part, and way thinner than the old hinge which was .62”
About 4% lighter

Teardrop design allows a flat fold. Now with less moving parts, for improved longevity
Same hinge as Z-flip 5
Feels nice
Stays stable in any position
Closes flat

GoodNotes is now compatible with with s-pen
Drag and drop by tapping and holding one file, then opening the other app with your other finger, and drop
Taskbar enhancement – now 4 recent apps
Can take astro photos in flex mode
After using the Pixel Fold, a few things I really appreciate with the Galaxy Fold are related to the split screen – any ratio of screens, and easily swap orientation, and search bar in app drawer

Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Samsung edition
12GB RAM / 256-512-1TB storage

Side mounted FP sensor
Same exact cameras
4MP under display
10MP selfie
12MP ultrawide
50MP main
10MP telephoto 3x optical
Same 4400mAh battery

Samsung is hitting their stride here and instead focusing on what matters to users

Screen protector is the same and still includes one free replacement
No changes to under display camera – although the processing may be slightly better

$1799 Aug 11
S-pen is sold independently or with the case

This is clearly a maturing market. Less changed besides the architecture to make it thinner and smaller which seems to be pretty optimal! I am happy, but the aspect ratio is still my least favorite part

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