Gammabai Joy Mini Projector Review – Budget Home Cinema – Massive 150″ Movies/Gaming – ONLY £110

Reviewing the budget priced, Gammabai Joy. An HD home cinema projector, featuring 120 ANSI Lumens, built-in Wifi, BT, HDMI input for game consoles/TV boxes. Giving you a maximum optimal screen projection size of a 150″ and its only £110. But is it any good?

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– LED Video Projector
– LED Lamp Life: 55,000
– Brightness: 120 ANSI Lumens
– Native 1280 x 720
– Contrast Ratio: 1300:1
– Zoomable 100% – 50%
– Wifi Mirroring
– Built in BT
– Manual Focus
– ±40° Keystone Correction
– Max Optimal Screen 150”
– HDMI Input for Consoles etc.
– 5W Speaker
– 34” – 150” – Projection Size
– 1.2m – 5M- Throw Distance

00:00 Intro
00:27 Price
00:39 Full Specs (On-screen)
01:18 Inside the box
01:46 Design & Build
02:20. Ports
03:06 Fan Noise Test
03:30 Setup / Distance
04:00 System Menus / Settings
05:52 Screen Mirroring iOS
06:30 Screen Mirroring Android
07:08 Google TV Dongle (HDMI)
07:18 Youtube Movie Trailers
08:53 Fifa 22 (Stadia)
09:42 Mortal Kombat 11 (Stadia)
10:17 The Crew 2 (Stadia)
10:39 Far Cry 6 (Stadia)
11:13 Final Thoughts (Pros/Cons)

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