Genshin Impact Phone Unboxing #Shorts

Later today I’ll be unboxing the Genshin Impact limited edition OnePlus phone, starring Hu Tao and boasting some great merch including a funky diorama. The OnePlus Ace Pro Genshin Impact smartphone is China-only right now but it’s worth an import for any game fans, with its exclusive themes and merchandise.

The box includes a Hu Tao poster, stickers and other branded goodies. In the full video I’ll also check out the OnePlus Ace Pro Genshin Impact smartphone themes inc. wallpapers, icon designs, ringtones and all kinds of bonus bits chucked on there, making this one of the best limited edition phones for fans of the game.

The full video goes live at 2pm UK time today!

How An Actual Robotic Apocalypse May Soon Be Upon Us

Ever since the word “robot” was first coined by the Czech author Karel Kapek in his play R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots), we have seen these man-made beings populate our mainstream thoughts: robots are often found in fiction, in movies, even in popular songs. And for good reason: robots have been a great help to mankind in countless ways, from the small to the incredibly gigantic.

Barnes and Noble NOOK EBook Reader Review

When the Barnes & Noble Nook was first unveiled in October 2009, it was eagerly anticipated by many people because it offered some features which weren’t available on Amazon’s Kindle e-Book Reader at the time. Despite the pre launch hype, the original Nook did have its fair share of problems, most notably slow response times and software bugs. Barnes & Noble got to work on fixing these issues and released software updates which resolved many of them.

Plantronics Savi Office Wo100 – Big Business In A Small Package

Savi Office WO100 is the real deal – big business in a small package. If you are looking for a serious corporate headset system, this is the one you want to consider.

Advantages Of Using A Wireless Headset

In the 21st century technology has made so many things easier. Who can imagine a life without cell phones, laptops, iPods, etc. now? So why not make is easier at your workplace? You know what I’m talking about – wireless headsets. Today it’s ordinary to see wireless headsets in a working environment. And to be honest, it’s evident why.

How to Migrate Windows XP to Windows 7 Safely

Migration refers to the shifting of something to other place. Basically in computing language it can be the shifting of systems, data or any other files to some other system or to a new location. Whenever new operating software is launched by Microsoft Company, usually every user wants to get up to date with the new software.

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