Google Pixel 6a Rumours & Leaks | TSW105

This week we poke around the latest Google Pixel 6a rumours, on the camera tech, performance and other bits. This mid-range hero is one of the biggest launches still coming in 2022, so here’s all the hot Pixel 6a news ahead of Google I/O in May. All delivered by a tired, grumpy slaphead who left shooting the show far too late again.

On the subject of launches, Xiaomi unveiled three new budget friendly phones this week. The Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus 5G boasts impressive specs including a 108MP camera and 120W fast charging, and costs less than the Pixel 6a should. Full unboxing live right now. For less cash you’ve also got the Redmi Note 11s 5G and Redmi 10 5G, which still offer big batteries and decent specs for very little scratch.

There’s also enough time to discuss which upcoming phone launches Uncle Spurt is looking forward to besides the Pixel 6a, that Nothing Phone(1), quick reviews of the Xiaomi 12 and OnePlus Nord CE 2, and more swearing than you can shake a stick at. It’s another ‘classic’ show, kiddies.

Tech Spurt Weekly Ep105 Chapters:
0:00 – Well, at least this bit’s short
0:33 – Google Pixel 6a leaks
2:46 – Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus 5G
4:35 – OnePlus 10 Pro
5:03 – Viewer Comments

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