Google Pixel 7 Pro One Week Later | Camera, Gaming, Battery Life & Beyond!

My Google Pixel 7 Pro review is coming soon but since a lot has changed this past week, here’s an update on the camera performance, gaming, battery life and more! Check out my unboxing of the Pixel 7 Pro and regular Google flagship smartphone for a full tour of the specs and tech.

I’ve also done a full comparison vs the Pixel 6a, to see how it stacks up against a phone less than half the price! Is it worth grabbing Vs the Samsung S22 Ultra, iPhone 14 Pro Max etc?

It’s a little too early to say how truly great the Pixel 7 Pro will be, but so far it’s showing great promise. That camera can produce some of the best photos of any 2022 smartphone, with minimal effort or editing. Gaming is an improving experience, with Genshin Impact now a smoother experience post-update.

Battery life was shorter than expected after my unboxing but another Google update seems to have boosted the Pixel 7 Pro’s longevity. You can now expect 6-7 hours of screen time with mixed use including camera play, media streaming etc. Here’s hoping further optimisations help to improve it more.

So, let us know your thoughts below and keep an eye out for that full review!

Pixel 7 Pro One Week Later Chapters:
0:00 – Not a review (kinda)
0:50 – Design
2:19 – Security & face unlock
2:59 – Media
3:54 – Performance & gaming
5:17 – Battery life
6:44 – Cameras
9:18 – Byyyyeeeee

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