Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Pixel 7 vs Pixel 6a | Camera, Gaming & AYNTK

Comparing Google’s Pixel 7 Pro with the regular 7 and mid-range 6a to see which 2022 smartphone is best for you. From camera tests and gaming performance to the everyday specs, here’s how that £849 Pixel 7 Pro stacks up to the regular flagship and 6a.

Those hot new 7 series phones pack the 50MP Octa PD Quad Bayer camera from that 6 series, vs the Pixel 6a’s 12.2MP dual pixel cam from the 5. However, thanks to Google’s next-level processing, you’ll get great looking photos with any of these blowers. The Pixel 7 Pro and original can pump out super-accurate colours and less noisy low light shots, while for now you’ve got some exclusive camera features. I’ll be testing out the de-blur and other bits for my full review.

While the Pixel 7 series smartphones boast an upgraded Tensor G2 chipset with improved Mali GPU, right now there’s not a huge improvement for gaming. Genshin Impact is still a juddery experience on higher detail levels. Here’s hoping for some optimisation in the coming weeks to sort it out.

So which Google phone are you most tempted by, the Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7 or that great-value 6a? Let us know down below!

Pixel 7 Pro vs Pixel 7 vs Pixel 6a Comparison Chapters:
0:00 – Get on with it!
0:43 – Design
3:16 – Software
5:00 – Sexay specs
5:40 – Display & audio
7:30 – Performance & gaming
8:37 – Battery
10:04 – Cameras
13:01 – Byyyyeeeee

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