Google Pixel 7a leaks | TSW134

Google’s Pixel 7a leaked a little more this week, with some renders appearing online courtesy of OnLeaks – showing a design similar to the Pixel 7. There’s a dual camera setup which is said to be the same as that flagship mobile, but the Pixel 7a sports a more compact 6.1-inch form factor. Leaks also include the possible inclusion of wireless charging and a 90Hz OLED display, hooray!

Besides that, this week was a bit cack for tech news. OnePlus announced even better software support for future handsets, and Realme has been teasing the upcoming Realme 10 Pro Plus, which is launching next week globally. However, that and the Pixel 7a shenanigans is basically your lot.

We also have time to smash through the usual lovely sack of viewer comments, swear a bit, ramble incoherently and evade the nurse who’s come to give us our pills. Hopefully we’ll have more news next week, at least it can’t really be any worse!

Let us know your thoughts on the Pixel 7a, Realme 10 Pro Plus etc below!

Tech Spurt Weekly Ep134 Chapters:
0:00 – INTRO
0:39 – Pixel 7a
1:51 – OnePlus update
2:27 – Realme 10 Pro Plus
4:39 – Viewer comments

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