Google Pixel 7a One Month Review | Why Go Flagship?

Reviewing the Google Pixel 7a after a month, including upgrades vs the Pixel 6a and an in-depth camera test. This deep dive also covers the gaming performance, overheating issues, battery life and the Pixel 7a’s slick stock Android experience. You can grab this phone from Google for £449 in the UK, right now.

If you’re after a flagship style smartphone but can’t afford the 7 or 7 Pro, then this is a great alternative that boasts impressive specs. While it’s different camera hardware slapped on the back, the Pixel 7a can still capture good looking natural pics at almost any time of day. That’s helped by the same Tensor G2 chipset running the show, offering impressive image processing.

Battery life is one of the weak points, as my review device still only just makes it through a long day on a single charge. However, you get nearly the same software experience on the Pixel 7a as the 7 Pro, with those excellent Google exclusive features. Likewise, that design may be plastic now but this mid range phone looks and feels as good as the flagship models.

SO that’s my review of the Pixel 7a after a month of play, stay tuned for long term thoughts later in 2023. Let us know your own impressions below!

Google Pixel 7a Review Chapters:
0:00 – Get on with it!
0:36 – Design
2:44 – Software & features
4:28 – Display & audio
6:10 – Performance & gaming
7:32 – Battery life
8:35 – Cameras
11:24 – Verdict

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