Google Pixel 7a, Worth Waiting vs Pixel 7? | TSW150

Google’s Pixel 7a launch isn’t far off, but should you wait for this mid-range phone or just buy the Pixel 7 now? This week we run through the big Pixel 7a rumours, including camera tech, battery and other specs, before Google I/O 2023 kicks off. That May 10 event is likely to be our first sighting of the budget handset, although the Pixel 7a could also be launched in the proceeding weeks ahead of the projected June release date.

Pricing should be similar to the 6a, which means you’ll save roughly £100 vs the Pixel 7.
UPDATE: Now Google has returned its flagship smartphone to the original £599 asking price here in the UK, making the Pixel 7a seem even more of a bargain if these specs are correct!

The main difference is that design, with a plastic finish replacing the glass and metal of the original phone. But once you squint at the internals, there’s little between this Google pair. The Pixel 7a should sport a slightly smaller OLED screen, now with 90Hz refresh. You’ll likely have a stereo speaker setup, plus the same Tensor G2 chipset – so gaming shouldn’t be a problem.

Likewise, the Pixel 7a will go toe to toe with its flagship sibling for camera tech, offering another 50MP Quad Bayer sensor and ultra-wide alternative.

So are you gonna wait for that fresh mid-range mobile? Let us know below!

Tech Spurt Weekly Ep150 Chapters:
0:00 – Guess who’s back
0:48 – Pixel 7a vs 7
5:26 – Viewer comments
14:22 – Next week

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