Google Pixel Tablet Unboxing & Review | Dockable Delight?

Reviewing the Google Pixel Tablet, with an unboxing and full verdict on this iPad rival and its bundled dock. In the UK it costs from £599, but for that price you get two devices: the Google Pixel Tablet, and the makeshift smart display it converts into. So is it worth that cash?

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The primary barrier to buying this Google device is the asking price, which is rather steep here in Blighty. You can buy a premium slate like the Pixel Tablet for almost half the cost, with similar specs (if not the stock Android experience with strong update support).

Yes, it does turn into a smart display of sorts using the bundled dock – and that’s the main selling point here. Want a large standing screen to read recipes, enjoy movies etc, but with the added flexibility to carry around when needed? The Google Pixel Tablet will likely make you happy. Sadly the dock is useless unless it’s plugged in and has the tab attached. And as a smart display, this device doesn’t do much different to any other Android tablet that’s simply been propped up.

Still, Pixel fans who want a big-screen device that can be carried around when needed will enjoy this tablet. The screen is crisp and colourful, audio is strong and the front camera is good for Skyping.

Let us know your Pixel Tablet thoughts down below!

Google Pixel Tablet Unboxing & Review Chapters:
0:00 – Sorry, how much?
0:30 – What’s in the box?
0:52 – Design
2:52 – Android & features
4:14 – Performance & gaming
5:04 – Display
6:11 – Audio
6:43 – Dock
7:56 – Hub Mode
8:57 – Hey Google!
10:35 – Dock speakers
11:31 – Cameras
12:43 – Battery life
13:38 – Verdict

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