Google Pixel Watch, Best Upcoming Meta Quest Games | TSW108

This week we preview the Google Pixel Watch, which has leaked to all heck recently and should be launched at Google IO 2022 in May. This could be one of the best smartwatches of the year with premium specs and sleek design, although don’t count on great battery life. Full review of the Pixel Watch hopefully coming soon!

Also this week, that Zuck lad revealed some of the best new Meta Quest 2 VR games coming to his shiny white helmet. So strap it on and get ready for Ghostbusters VR and a whole bunch of sequels to games you may have already played.

So does the Pixel Watch excite you? What features do you hope it packs? Excited about any of those Meta Quest 2 games? Be great to hear from you!

Tech Spurt Weekly Ep108 Chapters:
0:00 – At least it’s short this week
0:22 – Google Pixel Watch
2:28 – Meta Quest 2 games showcase
4:59 – Viewer comments

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