Google’s New Smartwatch (Fitbit Sense 2)

So the Google Store is selling a brand new smartwatch and I have one right here, but I’m not talking about the Pixel Watch. You see, Google acquired Fitbit and here we have the Fitbit Sense 2, but that leads to some questions. For Google fans, what can this tell us about the Pixel watch? For fitbit fans, how does this compare to the previous Sense, and for general enthusiasts, how good is this new device as a general smartwatch? The spec sheets look fantastic, with a 6 day battery, the latest health tracking capabilites such as an ecg, heart rate, gps, and more. And a lot more we will discuss in this video, but that is not the full story. There is a negative twist that I want to talk about.

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Button on the side!
3 amazing colors
50M water resistant, so you can swim, shower, wash hands, or whatever with this!
Quick release straps

Sleep tracking
Skin temperature
Blood oxygen
Heart rate
Stress & mood logging
Active zone minutes
EDA scan

HR Test
GPS Test
I wish I could test the sleep accuracy, but I…

I love how the notifications pop up in a non disruptive way
Lots of nice watch faces

Daily readiness
Sleep profile

Google Maps and Google Wallet are coming soon… but not here yet
The button!
I love the fitbit app – proven success record
Fantastic display with great visibility and deep colors

This has become the step child.
No WearOS 3
Not really as much google support as there could have been
The paywall
No rotating part of this watch, but it somehow doesn’t really need it
No offline spotify
Laggy interface

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