GOOVIS G3 Max Review – Home Cinema Headset – Micro OLED 5K 120Hz

GOOVIS G3 Max Review – Home Cinema Headset – Micro OLED 5K 120Hz

Launch date: 27th June 2023 – Launch Price $799 normally $1299
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Goovis G3 Max Specs:
– Dual 2.5K Micro OLED LENSES @ 120Hz
– 2460 x 1440 per eye / 3528 ppi
– DCI-P3 95% Color Gamut / Sharp edges, no glare, no blurring
– 1000”inch UHD Display with 65° FOV and 20m viewing distance
– Multiple aspherical lens
– Built-in diopter adjustment so no prescription lens needed, you can adjust yourself.
– You can also adjust the pupil distance from 58mm to 74mm.
– Anti-fog System
– Active Heat Dissipation
– Flippable Glass Body
– Stereo Speakers built in
– And 3.5mm Audio Jack
– HDMI 2.1 & Type-C
– New split pressure Headband design which is flippable and debatable
– Supports 3D Movies: Side by Side and Frame Packaging.
– Features 6-Axis IMU sensor and proximity Sensor
– Max input resolution supported 4K @ 60hz
– Certifications: low blue light, TUVRheinland, visual fatigue and CE FCC SDS Low.
– Only 300g Weight
– Show SGS Low fatigue
– TVU Low Blue light

00:00 Intro
00:14 Key Features
00:49 Design
01:26 Tech
02:22 Inside the Box
02:59 Headstrap
03:15 Headset
04:28 D4 Media Player
05:17 Capture Card
05:37 Android TV OS
06:28 YouTube Trailers
08:08 Asus Zenbook Pro
08:53 Steam Deck
09:46 PS5
11:44 Final Thoughts

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