HakoPro 4K UHD Streaming Box – Official Android TV – S905Y4 – 4GB+32GB – Any Good?

HakoPro 4K UHD Streaming Box – Official Android TV – S905Y4-B – 4GB+32GB – Any Good?

✅ Banggood: https://bit.ly/43OAS3z
➡️ TV Box Chart 2023: https://bit.ly/3VYJEaO

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➡️ What is an Android TV Boxes: https://youtu.be/TdPSoz1fmn4
➡️ My Other Android TV Boxes: http://bit.ly/2D9ZxrM
➡️ My Social Links: https://linktr.ee/chigztech

* S905Y4-B Quad-core
* GPU: Mali G31
* Bluetooth 5.0 / Widevine L1
* Android TV OS 11
* Google Assistant / Chromecast
* HDMI v2.1
* Supports 4K 60Hz
* HDR10+ / HLG / AV1
* BT + IR Remote

00:00 Intro
00:17 Key Features
00:36 Specs
01:11 Inside the Box
01:38 Design
02:15 Boot-up Test
02:22 Android TV
02:34 Settings
03:26 4K Video from USB
04:27 YouTube Test
05:06 Netflix, Prime, Disney
05:31 Asphalt 8
05:53 System & Benchmarks
06:35 Chart Ranking
07:22 Final Thoughts

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