Half the price, same phone? $450 vs $900

Half the price, same phone? $450 vs $900
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How to Clear the Windows Paging File

When working on Windows operating system, some programs temporarily store un-encrypted passwords or other sensitive information in the memory of the computer. Due to architecture of operating system, this unencrypted information can be present in the paging file (pagefile.sys).

Icons Turned Into Generic Pictures After Installing New Applications System

Although Windows 7 is designed to efficiently utilize the system resources but users are facing various problems such as icons turned into generic pictures after installing new applications on the system. If icons turned into generic pictures then you have to maintain Windows 7 on regular basis. Below are some useful tips to fix common errors and to boost Windows 7 performance:

Cascading Style Sheets

A cascading style sheet, or CSS, is a file that contains the formatting for how HTML elements are displayed on any web page that refers to it. A CSS is a file that sits on the web server and contains that information. A CSS keeps your web site organized, consistent, and much easier to maintain.

How Do I Open an ODT File: A Guide

To open an ODT file is not easy unless you follow some steps. It is a file saved in open office use. An ODT file, which is based on xml, is a standard text file format developed by Sun Microsystems. It is a tool of Open Office and one of the widely used formats of open sources. ODT, which stands for open document text, is the most versatile and widely accepted formats. However, it is not easy to open a file.

How Does HTML Work?

HTML is a very uncomplicated SGML-based markup language used to create hypermedia documents. HTML documents make use of tags to specify formatting or structural information.HTML, which stands for Hypertext Markup Language, is the core language used to create a web page.

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