Hive Thermostat Mini | Smart Heating Done Right!

#AD The Hive Thermostat Mini, is the latest addition to Hive Active Heating. It’s smaller, sleeker and packs in all the goodness of Hive’s original thermostat – at an even more affordable price. Most of the core functionality has shifted to the Hive app, but the Hive Thermostat Mini device can still be used to adjust the temperature and switch modes with a couple of taps. Here’s a full tour of that smart heating setup including the Radiator Valves and best features, and thanks to Hive for sponsoring this video!

The greatest feature of a Hive Active Heating Thermostat is its incredible flexibility that works around your life. You can create personalised schedules that make your boiler turn on and switch off at set times or use Holiday Mode to adjust the temperature based on holiday times. If you want to automate your setup, no worries – the geolocation tool will send you an alert if you’ve left the heating on when you leave home for the day or use the Hive sensors to automatically turn off your heating when you leave a room or even the house!

You can even use your voice to control your heating, with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri support built in.

Hive Thermostat Mini Chapters:
0:00 – The intro bit
0:47 – Design & setup
2:16 – Schedules & geolocation
3:10 – Hive actions & other features
4:14 – Radiator valves
5:10 – Voice control
5:47 – Hive Heating Plus

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