Honor 90 Review – Powerful Snapdragon 7 Gen1 – Only £449 – Full Test- ANY Good?

Honor 90 Review – Powerful Snapdragon 7 Gen1 – Only £449 – Any Good?

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Honor 90 Specs:
6.7” AMOLED / 120Hz / 435ppi
2664 X 1200 / 1600nits
100% DCI-P3 / HDR10+
Snapdragon 7 Gen1 (Accelerated Edition)
Octacore (4nm) 2.5Ghz
GPU: Adreno 644
Cameras: 200MP + 12MP + 2MP
Front: 50MP
MagicOS 7.1 / Android 13
WIFI 6 / BT 5.3 / GPS / NFC
Dual Sim 5G / IR Blaster
Rear Fingerprint Sensor
Single Speaker
5000mAh / 66W Super Charging
15mins = 45% Charge
7.8mm / 183g

00:00 Intro
00:13 Key Features
00:25 Price
00:33 Design
01:20 Cameras
03:11 Ports
03:33 Inside the Box
03:50 Display
05:47 Perfomance
06:21 System / Benchmarks
06:35 Perfomance Chart
07:40 Gaming
09:11 Battery
09:30 Other Features
10:12 Final thoughts

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