Honor Magic 4 Pro Review | One Month Later…

Reviewing the Honor Magic 4 Pro, their first major 2022 flagship smartphone with the ‘Eye of Muse’ camera. I’ve been testing it out as my full time phone for the past week after nearly a month of casual play, so here’s my final verdict on the Honor Magic 4 Pro experience.

That enormous camera setup is pretty good for everyday snaps, despite the lack of OIS. From low light photos to zoom pics, you’ll get some eye catching and natural looking results. Unfortunately I did also see some laggy performance and serious judders when shooting video with the Magic 4 Pro, which will hopefully be resolved soon.

Gaming is perfectly possible and battery life is dependable too. Honor’s Magic UI serves up some slick features, although the lack of customisation compared with rivals can be irksome. Still, no real complaints with the media smarts – the Honor Magic 4 Pro is a great way to take in some Netflix, Disney Plus etc. Or hey, some Tech Spurt, why not.

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Honor Magic 4 Pro Review Chapters:
0:00 – Unfortunate singing
0:44 – Design
2:34 – Features
4:49 – Display & audio
6:11 – Performance & gaming
7:24 – Battery life
8:29 – Cameras
11:39 – Verdict

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