Honor Magic 5 Pro is in for review! #shorts

The Honor Magic 5 Pro is another premium smartphone powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, with a triple lens camera anf some sleek design. I’m testing the Honor Magic 5 Pro right now, stay tuned for an unboxing and review.

5 IT Priorities for Your Business

Whatever your business, it is likely that IT runs throughout it. It connects you to your customers, facilitates production and sales processes, and enables you to manage your finances. There is almost no part of a modern business that does not rely on IT to function properly. It is important therefore that you employ the best possible IT support. Once you have done so there is an almost endless list of things you can do to make your IT systems safe, secure and effective. Here are five of the most important IT priorities for any business.

Why Good IT Support Is Important for Your Business

IT plays a central role in almost all modern businesses. Consequently, IT problems can have a major and instantaneous effect on any organisation, affecting everyone from your employees to your customers and suppliers. Employ a good IT support company, however, and you can avoid these potential disasters. Here are a few of the ways that good IT support will benefit your business.

Business IT Support – The Top 5 Improvements That Mary Portas Would Make

I don’t know if you’ve seen Mary Portas’s most recent programme on Channel 4? If you run a business you should watch it. She’s a bit scary, but there’s lots of great business advice buried in there.

Slow Internet Connection Problems – How To Fix This Problem For Good

If you’re experiencing a slow Internet connection problem on your PC, there could be a number of potential issues that will be making the connection run slower. If you want to fix the problems you’re seeing, you should use the steps outlined on this page: The reason why your Internet connection could be running slower will be down to the likes of your system not being able to process the files your computer requires to run, as well as having some sort of problem with the settings of your PC. To fix this, you have to be able to…

Copy and Paste a HTML Link Into an Email Message

If you’re new to computers and you are browsing the Internet and find something you want to share with your friends, you will need to copy and paste the HTML link into an e-mail to send. This way your friend can click on the link and be taken to the same website to see what you have sent.

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