Honor Watch GS 3 Review | Premium looks, nice price

Reviewing the Honor Watch GS 3, a fresh 2022 smartwatch boasting some of the best looks and smart fitness features. For a budget under £200 this is a top choice if you’re after a slim, attractive design – but the Honor Watch GS 3 doesn’t boast pro features like contactless NFC payments in the UK. It’s also Android only, no iOS app support.

Still, if you can overlook that and the lack of a built-in voice assistant or interactive notifications, there’s loads to love here. This smartwatch is tough despite its classic looks, with three colour choices. I love the gold Honor Watch GS3, but all three pack a gorgeous AMOLED screen. Performance is smooth and battery life is among the best in 2022. You can get at least 4-5 days of play even with very heavy use, or over a week if you’re a bit more restrained.

Of course, the GS 3 does have a lot of strong competition. Huawei’s own smartwatches also offer long battery life and good value for a lower budget. Then there’s Android Wear alternatives, although these tend to need charging nightly.

Honor Watch GS 3 Review Chapters:
0:00 – Chatty start bit
0:34 – Design
2:21 – Setup & Honor Health app
3:36 – Display
4:21 – Watch faces
5:36 – Watch UI
6:28 – Notifications
7:22 – Watch apps
8:03 – Speaker & mic
9:00 – Music
10:12 – Fitness features
11:51 – Battery life
12:38 – Verdict

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