How to Unblur Photos With Pixel 7 #Shorts

How to unblur your blurry photos taken on Pixel 7 or 7 Pro phones, using the Google Photos un-blur tool. Here’s a quick guide on using that unblur camera feature which rescues any dodgy pics taken with your Google Pixel 7 series smartphone.

One of the best reasons to get this feature-packed smartphone, besides the impressively affordable cost, is the excellent camera. Of course, no tech is infallible and the Pixel 7 (and even the Pro) can occasionally capture a slightly blurry snap when conditions aren’t great. That’s why the Google Photos unblur tool is an option wort considering when editing pics.

Here’s how to use deblur to clean up those fuzzy results, although it’s not quite perfect and will likely improve with time.

3 Tricks To Speedup Windows 7 For Beginners

Windows 7 isn’t meant to run slow but it does. I’m telling you this because if the system is not “designed” to run slow, there MUST be some problems leading to its slow speed, right? You bet!

All About Transferring Files to a New Computer

What needs to happen in order to safely transfer files from the old computer to another computer? This is an important question when you have files of value that you want to be able to reference from another system–especially if the current system appears to be on it’s last leg.

How to Detect a Bug in Your Room With a Bug Detector

There might be an eavesdropping device planted in your private room to record your every move, but you might not have any idea about its location. A bug detector can certainly give you a sense of relief, if this is so. Bugging devices are getting smaller by the day and detecting them without the help of bugging detectors can prove to be an uphill task.

Hide My Ass Review – What Is Hide My Ass?

Hide My Ass is a VPN provider with a funny name but that provides a very serious service. The service allows people to anonymize their Internet traffic for security. Hide My Ass is one of many VPN providers that allow users to connect to Internet sites through servers other than their own ISPs.

Witopia Review – What Is Witopia Service?

Witopia is a service that provides VPN connections to private users. It also allows users to anonymize their transmissions on other equipment, which is increasingly important. Most of the time, the information that people get off of the Internet isn’t very interesting to anyone who’s snooping.

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