HTC Desire 22 Pro & Vive Flow VR Headset

Unboxing the HTC Desire 22 Pro and Vive Flow VR headset with a hands-on review of the camera tech, gaming performance and more. You can grab the mid-range HTC Desire 22 Pro smartphone on its own for a UK price of £400, or bundled with the Vive Flow glasses for under £1000. Here’s a closer look at the phone and some of the main VR features, to see if this bundle is worth your £££.

For a mid-range mobile, the HTC Desire 22 Pro boasts some impressive features including water resistance, wireless battery charging and microSD support. However, the 64MP camera isn’t as strong as some like the Pixel 6a, while the media chops are weak sauce. No OLED, no stereo speaker setup – it’s a real shame.

Still, the HTC Vive Flow VR glasses are surprisingly compact, ideal for virtual gaming on the go. At least, as long as you remember your battery pack. And you can blaze through games like Genshin Impact on the Desire 22 Pro as long as you keep the graphics settings down.

So are you tempted by this pair? Let us know your thoughts below!

HTC Desire 22 Pro Unboxing with Vive Flow VR Chapters:
0:00 – Intro & unboxing
0:49 – Design
1:58 – Software & features
2:44 – HTC Vive Flow VR
5:28 – Display & audio
6:58 – Performance & gaming
8:11 – Battery
8:51 – Cameras
11:03 – Byyyeeeee

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