HTC is Back, Baby! | Desire 22 Pro | TSW115

The HTC Desire 22 Pro is a fresh mid-range smartphone, rivalling the best 2022 value handsets and boasting the greatest features of the iPhone SE 3rd Gen (with none of the shonkiness, hopefully). You’ve also got Vive Flow VR dedicated support. I’m hoping to review the HTC Desire 22 Pro soon but here’s a recap of the specs and other bits, ahead of the UK release.

This week also saw the Nothing Phone 1 leaked to buggery, with everything from the battery and camera tech to the Snapdragon chipset laid out bare. This should be another solid mid-range phone when it launches in July, competing with the HTC Desire 22 Pro for gaming prowess, media chops and more. Although will it be water resistant and offer wireless battery charging?

Stay tuned for an unboxing of the Nothing Phone 1 and for more on the wonderful world of tech, please poke the subscribe jobbie down there. You can also see my face-on review of the HTC Vive Flow VR headset right here on Tech Spurt. Ta!

Tech Spurt Weekly Ep115 Chapters:
0:00 – Words, roughly arranged in sentences
0:29 – HTC Desire 22 Pro
3:45 – Nothing Phone 1 leaks
5:25 – Viewer comments

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