Huawei Watch 4 Pro Review | The Ultimate £500 Smartwatch?

Reviewing the Huawei Watch 4 Pro, the latest premium smartwatch to rival Samsung and Apple with a slick design, long(ish) battery life and bonus air horn action. The Huawei Watch 4 Pro costs from £499 here in the UK so it ain’t cheap, but while Wear OS smartwatches boast better Android support, I’ve still enjoyed having it strapped to my wrist.

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This 48mm chunkster boasts a pin-sharp 1.5-inch LTPO AMOLED screen, which is bright and crisp enough for easy visibility outdoors. The Harmony OS interface is sleek and intuitive, with new features including updated widgets and watch faces. Unfortunately the Huawei Watch 4 Pro does still use Celia for its AI ‘smarts’, so there’s that.

But did I mention the awesome air horn app?

You’ve got a built-in mic and speaker, and upgraded notification support (so you can actually reply to WhatsApp messages). Performance is tippity top, although it’s the battery life that really appeals, with around four days of play on a single charge.

Fitness features? Yeah, the Huawei Watch 4 Pro packs in plenty of exercising smarts and health checks. You’ve also got a sleep tracker if that’s your bag.

So are you tempted by the Huawei Watch 4 Pro? Let us know in the comments below and check out my unboxing and review videos on the latest smartwatches here on Tech Spurt!

Huawei Watch 4 Pro Review Chapters:
0:00 – Get on with it!
0:35 – Design
2:25 – Huawei Health app
3:08 – Display
3:56 – Watch faces
5:44 – Harmony OS & widgets
6:55 – Celia, mic & speaker
8:01 – Notifications
9:33 – Apps
10:30 – App Gallery highlights
11:47 – Huawei Wallet
12:04 – Health & fitness
14:17 – Battery life
15:30 – Verdict

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