I Tried Smart Glasses for 7 Days (NREAL Air AR Glasses)

NREAL AIR ? https://amzn.to/3CaTW11
These smart glasses give you up to a 201″ 1080p display on your face with an optional blackout cover for an immersive movie theater experience, or an augmented reality mix!

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These are super functional and cool. They work as a massive 130” to even 201” screen and are great for gaming, productivity, watching movies, or tv and sports

Superimposed over yoru real world, but they have light shields too

90Hz refresh rate, dual 1080p displays – one per eye
Sony micro OLED displays
3 nose pieces
3 adjustable heights
No battery needed, but it can drain your phone battery a bit
Available prescription lens insert
USB-C cable is not uncomfortable for me, just behind my shoulder
Very ergonomic
Surprisingly lightweight
Comes with case, light shield, nose pieces, cable, prescription frame, cleaning cloth, and glasses

This is tough to film
Great for a hotel room where they only have cable no netflix
Great for flying where there isn’t room for a large screen
Great for a stationary bike
Metaverse stuff – head tracking
Great for a small apartment where you have no room for a large screen
(or if you and your roommate or spouse or dog don’t like the same shows)
Helpful for learning an instrument like guitar – easy controls of a phone while the large display is where you want it
Could be useful while cooking if you keep head tracking on
Could be fun for any tutorial, but be careful

Screen can stay fixed, or move with you
I prefer fixed because the corners can be a bit blurry and hard to see otherwise, plus the tv moving with you is weird

Use the nebula app from nreal

You will get the best experience with android, but if you have Apple, these can work at 60fps with a 130” screen. For that matter, a mac or windows laptop can work too via hdmi
These can work in mirror mode as I just described, or with most mid to high end android phones, they work in AR mode which can give you up to a 200” display equivalent

Video quality
Good brightness, easy to see in most environments
I recommend looking at a wall without too much variation

Super useful and I am glad they exist, but if you fly, I recommend earbuds for less sound leak and more immersive experience

The app
Air casting – mirrors your phone
MR space – its own interface, more like a smart TV
With Samsung, the default is Samsung Dex which I actually really like

Thanks to nreal for sponsoring this video

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