Impressive LG QNED Mini LED TV – Massive 75″ | 8K 120HZ Gaming | DOLBY VISION IQ / ATMOS

And first of all big thanks to LG for sending over this massive LG 75” QNED Mini LED TV, (75QNED916PA) to review on my channel. And of course the sponsorship will not affect the honesty of my review, as usual.

Please check out LG QNED mini LED TV :

The LG QNED Mini LED TV 75” model comes well packaged and super heavy in size. The box weighs around 50KGS, itself, and I had 2 courier guys delivering this to my door. And you actually need 2 guys to unbox this thing. But im actually on my own. So lets see how this goes down.

The LG QNED MINI LED TV features everything that I usually look for, in a new 4K TV. Best audio with DOLBY ATMOS and best visuals with Dolby Vision IQ also supports, High Dynamic Range with HLG and HDR10+ .

In case your wondering what QNED is, well it combines a MINI LED backlight with Quantum dot Nano Cell Color Technology and that will give you an experience on another level, we are talking about brilliant colour, deeper blacks, enhanced brightness and more.

LG have in-corportaed advanced technologies to enhance your experience, you have full Array Dimming pro, which delivers, brighter and clear images,. The backlight are precisely controlled by unique dimming zones and an ultra high contrast ratio. Which in return gives you deeper black, more vivid colour and detailed picture quality even in the darkest scenes.

This QNED MINi LED TV by LG is powereed by the Alpha 7 gen processor 4K… which has deep learning algorithm to give you the option for AI picture and sound. Which can auto adjust based on what your watching.

Find out how I get on in this video, share your thoughts in the comments.

✅ LG Official (75QNED916PA):
✅ Amazon UK:

✅ The Gloss TV Stand:

* Quantum Dot NanoCell
* 75” Display Size
* Native 4K 120hz
* Full Array Dimming Pro
* Ultra Luminance Pro
* α7 Gen4 Processor 4K (LM21U)
* HDR10+ / HLG
* 4K Up-scaler
* Google Assist / Alexa Voice
* Wifi 5Ghz / BT 5
* Digital TV Tuner (Freeview)
* Satelite TV Tuner (Freesat)
* Dolby Vision IQ, HDMI 2.1, HFR, VRR,
* webOS smart platform
* 40W 2.2 speakers built-in (Dolby ATMOS)
* Magic Voice Remote
* TV: 36.2kg
* TV with Stand: 39.6kg
* Boxed: 50.5kg

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