Impressive Open-Ear Buds | Shokz OpenFit

The Shokz OpenFit are open-ear true wireless earbuds that deliver crisp, clear audio while also allowing you to stay aware of everything around you. This deep dive covers the Shokz OpenFit features, app and other bits, and you can grab your own Shokz OpenFit true wireless buds right here:

These earbuds will cost you £179.95 in the UK and they’re available from July 6. A big thanks to Shokz for sponsoring this video!

With its ultra-soft silicon and ear hooks, the Shokz OpenFit are comfortable to wear for extended periods – especially as they’re open-ear. You have full touch controls which can be customised via the mobile app, where you can also tweak the audio.

Shokz has added its DirectPitch tech, so even though these are open earbuds, there’s next to zero leakage. The OpenFit also boast an OpenBass algorithm to enhance those lows, plus DRC (Dynamic Range Control). This can dynamically adjust the EQ in real-time for a natural, feature-packed audio experience.

The Shokz OpenFit also serve up 7 hours of playtime before they need a recharge. And you have fast charge support if you’re in a rush – just 5 mins in the case gives you 1 hour use. Else, you can get a full charge in 60 mins.

Shokz OpenFit True Wireless Earbuds Chapters:
0:00 – Banging on a bit
0:27 – Dissection of an earbud
0:55 – Design
2:30 – Shokz app & touch controls
3:22 – Audio
4:53 – Mic test
5:12 – Battery life
5:45 – Byyyyeeeeee

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