Infinix Inbook X2 Review | Best Student Laptop for 2022?

Reviewing the Infinix Inbook X2, an impressively portable 14-inch Windows 11 laptop boasting respectable specs at a near-budget price. Students and anyone who needs dependable performance in a compact form factor should enjoy the 2022 Infinix Inbook X2, follow-up to the X1. Although it’s not a perfect notebook. I’ve been testing it for over a week now and here’s my final verdict. Check out my other reviews and unboxing videos for more ideas!

This 14-inch machine is as compact as many Chromebooks, with a FHD IPS screen that’s great for multi-tasking as well as movies. Intel Core i7 performance means you can happily run as many Chrome browser tabs as you like, while the Infinix Inbook X2 laptop also boasts plenty of ports.

Battery life is decent if not great, while the webcam is certianly quite basic. However, the keyboard is good enough for confident touch-typing, while the metal design is sturdy.

So what do you think, is the Inbook X2 one of the best student notebooks you can grab in 2022? I’d certainly recommend for any regular travellers who need strong connectivity, a good display and reliable performance, for a budget around £550 or $650.

Infinix Inbook X2 Laptop Review Chapters:
0:00 – The intro bit, with bonus cat action
0:37 – Design
1:50 – Ports
2:19 – Keyboard
3:43 – Webcam & mics
5:10 – Windows 11
5:37 – Display & audio
6:46 – Performance
7:46 – Battery life
8:16 – Verdict

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