iPhone SE 2022 One Month Later

This has been a polarizing device. It’s been four weeks since the iPhone SE 3 went on sale, and I have been using it every day. This is what I found.
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iPhone 8 cases will fit this phone
This used to be a flagship phone back in 2017, so it doesn’t have the usual midrange compromises. Fast, IP rating, wireless charging, glass back.
Back in 2017, this would have been an absolute killer phone, but that was 5 years ago and today, it is an antiquated design
Small phone is easier for one handed use
More pocketable since it is so small
Tiny camera bump was nice
The physical design is from 2017, so I if you are looking for some new phone clout, this won’t get it, but at least you’ll get

Of everything I experienced, the screen was the most limiting
Screen is small and 60Hz is hard to look at now
Screen resolution felt very dated when I was watching videos.

Of everything I tried, the camera was possibly the least limiting
Get an app for night photos
It does have photographic styles, portrait mode, and a few of the other iOS camera tricks
But no cinematic mode. Not that I would ever use that
In bright light, it honestly does an amazing job. No joke.

Snapchat photos are ok

Still no animojis
Weak haptic
Does it get warm? – Nope. Not with my use. I edited 4k60 videos with cropping, rotation, color grading, and exposure adjustment and it never slowed down or got warm

Standby battery is amazing
Full use battery life is pretty strong as well.
But if you are using the display a lot and pushing the A15 by playing games or exporting videos, it can get warm and also drain the battery really quickly. It is a tiny battery and relies on top efficiency to last a long time. With that said, I got through my day with 2-3 hrs SOT no problem

Conclusion: if you are dead set on an iPhone, this will get you into the ecosystem for the lowest price and give you the longest usage. If you are willing to take a little risk, and I’m not necessarily recommending this, but you can get a far superior phone for the same price. The iPhone 12 mini is a similar size, but offers drastically better cameras, display, and design for under $400 if you buy a refurbished one. If new, they will run you $170 more. But I think the iPhone 12 mini is really one of the best phones Apple ever made and I hope it becomes the new iPhones SE in 2024, but for now, that is my take on the iPhone SE 2022 after using it for the past month.

Tech enthusiasts will hate this phone. But your grandparents, your kids, or you if you’re on a budget? It’s a fantastic phone.


0:00 The controversial iphone SE
1:00 Build & Design
4:15 Display
5:30 Camera
7:50 Features

Disclaimer: This video is purely based on my experiences, research, and opinions. You and only you are responsible for your actions. I made this channel to advise viewers and I truly hope to help you all out. I love making these videos and connecting with my viewers!
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