iPhone SE 3 (2022) Review | One month later…

Reviewing Apple’s iPhone SE 3, the 2022 model that’s more affordable but also feels like a relic, including full thoughts on the camera, gaming performance, battery life and beyond. I’ve been using the 3rd generation iPhone SE 2022 for almost a month now and here’s why you shouldn’t buy the thing!

If you’re hoping for a similar smartphone camera experience to the 13 Series smartphones, prepare for disappointment. Photo and video results are sub-par when the lighting isn’t right, although the iPhone SE 3 can handle simple home movies and the like. Battery life is also a massive let down. Most evenings I found myself stuck in battery saver mode, because this mini smartphone was almost drained. Although hey, you do get wireless charging.

Performance is strong on the iPhone SE 3 2022, although this compact blower does get hot when gaming on the likes of Genshin Impact. You’ve also got the latest iOS 15 with those guaranteed updates. Sadly there’s more bad news for movie fans as that teeny display is old IPS tech, with poor contrast and colour reproduction compared with many rivals. The cheapest iPhone SE 2022 only packs 64GB storage with no expandability, no headphone jack etc.

So overall, while it’s cheap, the iPhone SE 3 is poor value for money. What do you guys think?

iPhone SE 3 2022 Review Chapters:
0:00 – Boring talky bit
0:53 – Design
2:37 – iOS & features
4:15 – Display & audio
5:58 – Performance & gaming
7:36 – Battery life
8:31 – Cameras
10:50 – Verdict

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