iPhone SE 3 (2022) vs iPhone 13 Mini | Camera, Gaming, Battery & Beyond!

Comparing Apple’s iPhone SE 3 (2022 model) vs the iPhone 13 Mini, to see which compact smartphone boasts the best camera tech, gaming performance, battery life etc. The iPhone 13 Mini is the more expensive mobile but it also offers better value than the iPhone SE 2022, which is sub-par in most areas. I’ve used both as my full-time phone, and check out my review of the Mini for a closer look.

For one, the camera results are much stronger on the more expensive model. You’ll enjoy stronger low light and HDR results, with modern features like a night mode present and correct. Battery drain is also disappointingly swift on the iPhone SE 3, with it usually hitting that power saver mode in early evening time.

That retro design may suit some, especially those who are still stuck on older Apple smartphones anyway. However, it’s less easy to use one-handed than the 13 Mini. Performance is solid, although both blowers heat up fast under pressure, while the iPhone SE 2022 also disappoints with a tired old display. At least it brings wireless charging and IP67 water and dust resistance to a lower price point, though.

Full review of the SE coming soon, let me know what you reckon down below!

iPhone SE 3 (2022) vs iPhone 13 Mini Chapters:
0:00 – Talky start bit
0:41 – Design
2:40 – Features
4:40 – Display & audio
6:33 – Performance & gaming
7:48 – Battery life
8:55 – Camera comparison
11:04 – Verdict

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