iPhone vs Android | Which is best in 2022?

Comparing Apple’s iPhone vs Android smartphones in 2022 – should you go iOS, or grab a Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy or one of the many other Android offerings? This quick guide reviews the phones themselves (including the Pro, Max and Mini iPhones, plus that awful SE 2022 thing), the apps situation, security, privacy, camera tech and more.

So which do you think is the winner in Android versus iPhone? Is Apple deserving of the crown, or should you get a Pixel, Galaxy or something else instead?

First up, there’s no denying that the smartphone selection is far superior if you stay away from iOS. You have dozens of manufacturers to choose between, with handsets to suit every budget, from £100 to over £1000. This way you can get the perfect mobile for you, whether you’re after a camera that can take great shots day or night, or a dedicated gaming device.

With Android phones you can also download fresh launchers, themes and customise as much as you like. Vs iPhone, that’s a big deal for many users.

However, Apple’s ecosystem is better suited to anyone after cross-device compatibility with Macs etc, while the closed design means stronger security overall. Plus, iOS offers greater support to users in the long term with dedicated updates for years, plus real life stores when things go wrong.

iPhone vs Android Chapters:
0:00 – How easy is it to swap?
1:12 – Devices
2:20 – On a budget
3:21 – Customisation
4:12 – Support
5:48 – Cameras
6:50 – Security & privacy
7:40 – Random shenanigans
9:23 – Byyyeeeee

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