Is The OnePlus 11 Worth $699?

The new OnePlus 11 reminds me a lot of the OnePlus 9 Pro I liked so much, but that is both a good thing and a bad thing. There are two big drawbacks for me with this phone.

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Switch is back
Gorilla glass 5 matte back
Optical FT sensor works well and is in a good spot
The important thing here is the price

BUT two major drawbacks for me

Now I used to use a OnePlus 9 Pro as my everyday phone for almost a year, and I was a big fan of the brand. The 10 Pro was a bit weird and then the 10T, despite nailing it when it comes to speed, removed the thing I loved most – the alert slider

Of course, I’ll get into a camera test as well as a social media camera test
Latest stacked specs

Snapdragon 8 gen 2
8/16GB RAM
128/256GB storage
80W charging for a 27 min charge

Supports aptX, LDAC, and other high quality codecs as well as BT 5.3

2k 120Hz display
6.7” display

I’m not seeing an IP rating
Still has a SIM slot (DUAL SIM)

50MP main with OIS
48MP Ultrawide lens with macro capabilities
32MP telephoto
Hasselblad master’s mode
Photo test: portrait, all lenses, night photos, motion photos

Can shoot 8k/24 video or 4k/30-60
Still 1080p front facing??
Social media camera test



No wireless charging

What is this phone? Who is it for?

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