JBL SoundGear Sense Review | Impressive Open-Ear Buds

Reviewing the JBL SoundGear Sense true wireless earbuds, one of the best Bluetooth buds if you want an open-ear design. The JBL SoundGear Sense blast audio into your ears from the outside, I’ve been testing them for a week and here’s my final verdict. Check out my reviews of other TWS earbuds here on Tech Spurt!

These bulky buds hook around your ears to hold still, and they’re comfortable to wear while jogging or doing whatever you’re into for a few hours. The JBL SoundGear Sense serves up six hours of battery life per charge, plus 18 more hours from the case. And what a case! It’s so big it’d choke a manatee.

Audio quality is great, as you’d expect from JBL true wireless earbuds. You won’t hear even little detail on more complex tracks due to the separation, but the SoundGear Sense’s bass is beefy. All of my tracks came through clearly, and vocals are particularly well represented.

The only problem here is the very thing that gives it a USP. The fact that you aren’t sealing up your ears means you’re aware of everything going on around you – but that also means no noise cancellation when you need it. So podcast and audiobook fans will struggle when out and about, using the JBL SoundGear Sense.

JBL SoundGear Sense Review Chapters:
0:00 – Get on with it
0:35 – Case
1:06 – Design
2:46 – Setup & JBL Headphones app
3:30 – Touch controls
4:57 – Audio quality
6:07 – Audio bleed
7:47 – Mic test
8:21 – Battery life
9:44 – Verdict

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