Kospet Tank M1 Review | Best Budget Smartwatch 2022?

Reviewing the Kospet Tank M1 budget smartwatch, fresh for 2022 boasting great battery life and a super-tough design. It’s one of the best options if you’re after a rugged watch for outdoor active use, if you need something super affordable.

The Kospet Tank M1 is basically an upgraded version of the Rock, offering a tough design, IPS screen and a small selection of built-in apps. You’ve got watch face customisation, support for notifications and plenty of other features via the Da Fit app. That’s available for iOS and Android phones, so you’re good to go.

Battery life is among the best at this budget price. The Kospet Tank M1 smartwatch can last for around nine to ten days on a single charge, even with plenty of play. However, with watches this cheap you have to be aware of the limitations. There’s no mic or speaker, no built-in GPS, etc. That said the fitness tracking smarts are respectable, with 24/7 heart rate monitoring, SPO2 reporting and a simple exercise mode supporting 20 activities.

Kospet Tank M1 Review Chapters:
0:00 – Boring talky start bit
0:30 – Design
1:51 – Car test!
2:21 – Da Fit app
3:16 – Display & watch faces
4:38 – Features
7:01 – Sleep & fitness tracking
7:51 – Battery life

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