LG XBOOM 360 X03 LED Speaker – Awesome 360 Sound – Must Watch Before you Buy!

Reviewing the LG XBOOM 360 XO3 BT LED Speaker and this video has been sponsored by LG but with all views and opinions being my own, for the benefit of a honest review.
Get your LG XBOOM 360 X03 from: https://bit.ly/chigztechxboom360

LG XBOOM 360 XO3 Specs:
4” Woofer (25W) and Dual Passive Radiators
2” Glass Fibre Midrange Speaker (25W)
Up Firing 1” Silk Dome Tweeter
Bluetooth 5
9 Lighting Modes
Multipoint, Wireless Party Link
3900mAh Battery (5 Hours Full Charge)
Battery Life upto 24 Hours
Sound Boost
Smartphone App: Android / iOS
Aux-in, USB-C
16.5cm Wide, 32.7cm High, 165cm Depth
Weight: 3.2kg

00:00 Intro
00:27 Inside the Box
00:37 Attaching Strap
00:48 Design
01:11 Dimensions
01:28 Features
02:47 Battery Life
03:06 Internal Speakers
04:44 APP Walk-through
05:32 Music Audio Test (BT)
06:04 LED Mode Demo
06:46 Movie Test (BT)
07:22 Gaming Test (BT)
07:45 Gaming Test (Wired)
08:40 Movie Test (wired)
08:54 Final Thoughts

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