Macbook Pro M2 Might Actually Not Suck | TSW113

Apple’s Macbook Pro M2 and Macbook Air M2, fresh for 2022, might actually be up to the most demanding tasks with their upgraded memory bandwidth and support. That’s the biggest tech news shock of the week, although I’d wait for the reviews before spunking up £££ for the Macbook Pro M2 or that Air model, which in the UK now costs over £2000 if you want some actual memory and storage.

We run through the WWDC 2022 highlights, including new iOS features like message deleting and WatchOS’ incredible cat themes. And it wasn’t just Apple launching shiz this week as the Realme GT Neo 3T & 3, ZTE Axon 40 Ultra and Black Shark 5 series were also unveiled.

So are you tempted by the new Macbook Pro M2, or that 2022 Macbook Air? If so, please can we have some of your money? Seriously, this whisky habit ain’t gonna feed itself.

Tech Spurt Weekly Episode 113 Chapters:
0:00 – Wait, what did I just click?
0:17 – Apple did some stuff
1:36 – WWDC 2022 in 2 minutes
3:40 – Realme GT Neo 3 vs 3T
4:47 – ZTE Axon 40 Ultra
5:15 – Black Shark 5 series
5:43 – Viewer comments
14:31 – Next week?

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